14 Kg of Adolescence

In between. The warmth

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Portrait of a Soup


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Study on Proxemics

We are nomads, a constantly moving generation in search of an identity, driven by the desire for knowledge, to investigate the unknown. Young travellers.


So, again, I left and came back. So, again, it seems to have traveled over time. My hometown looks the same, nothing has changed; however, I'm not the same. Time has passed, I can see it in my reflection, I perceive it in my being; but an other element proves the existence of this flow too.

I step into my room where everything was still, no object moved but I knew something was different. A slight grayish layer appeared as a cover after a snowy night. An annoying, so ephemeral dust that disappears in a breath. I gather this powder to analyze it, and find out what it is composed of. Perhaps the memories, feelings experienced during those months?

A dense cloud between my hands, not soft but almost pruriginous. And so my thoughts go back to the sky I watched every day, enchanted by those windy clouds, tireless and constantly changing. Two similar elements very far away, symbols of the flow of time coexist now between concrete and abstract. And so I know that everything changes, even what seems eternal.