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Real Temperature 35,9 °C                                                                                Feels like: Wool

Real Temperature 36,0 °C                                                                               Feels like: Wood

Real Temperature 36,4 °C                                                                              Feels like: Glass


What do you feel?


Two bodies stand next to each other, so close to feel their inner movement. Continuous pulsations merge together creating an offbeat rythm. Hardly, I try to adapt to this dimension in which I find myself, where already in childhood I felt inept.


Similarly to when I was dancing, I choose to keep that uncomfortable position, trying to benefit from it. Sounds, feelings, emotions are what I sense. Incredibly in that stillness, even if wispered, something changes: the color of his face, the skin of my hands.

An exchange of flow that slowly, as it happens to every material arrived at its melting point, softens the solidity of the structure. A tangible sensation, different at every touch, material by material, body by body.


We share a space, a warmth. Despite everything, we are no longer who we were.