Living in the scientific era, we pretend to measure our surroundings, regardless of its nature; we calculate our weight, the distance to travel, even getting to define feelings, thoughts, relationships in terms of numbers. Would it be possible to switch the roles, and make human irrationality be able to measure physics?

This project is my bachelor thesis work. It is a collection of seven volumes, an analysis of the basic physical quantities of the International System of Measurement (SI), measured by daily and  autobiographical elements.

Every book is a single project related to one of these units, that lives together with the other 6 booklets.


Here displayed:

“Sculture da viaggio”,13x10cm, book and 5 postacards

“14 Kg of Adolescence”, 20x20cm, 20 pages

“Valgusemaja”, 21x15cm, accordion book

“In Between. The warmth”, 20x27cm, French binding

“1705 km”, 42x60cm open, 10x14cm folded

"Portrait of a Soup", 14,8x21cm, 26 pages

"Sharpner for artists", 13x18cm, 16 pages


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