In the Dark

Non-semantic understanding

Study on Proxemics

Through the folds is an interactive performance choreographed for five participants. The performers, who are the visitors of the venue, are let into the space in groups of five and they are asked to move in it according to the exhibition map. Because the only information on the maps are their folds, the performative score is “hidden” in the way the single person folds and unfolds the map. All slightly different, they are designed to make the performers create a specific net in the space, to question their awareness of space and the use, preconcepts and expectations on map as tool.


In order to not influence the experience of the visitors during the performance and make it live in their body memory, I have decided to avoid video or photographic documentation. After the performance the participants were asked to give an anonymous written feedbacks, which are now the only documentation of the event, together with the maps.